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Showers use about 32 percent of a home’s water use. Changing to a low-flow showerhead can cut water flow almost in half. A family of 4 can save about 20,000 gallons of water a year!
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Hear from the many satisfied customers who have used Quick n Brite and what they have to say about it. Want to have your testimonial featured? Write us at:

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I'm a 42 year old disabled woman. I was very uneasy in ordering your product. I have lung problems and back, neck and right are problems. You're better than any cleaner I've ever used. I can't get down and scrub like I used to. I have about 350 square feet of clay tile floor with country black grout.

I just spray it on and sit for about 10 minutes then mop it up and it looks like new. With NO harmful fumes. I've given a lot of mine away to friends and family. Sometimes I feel like I'm your company spokesperson. I just love this stuff.

Very Pleased Customer,

Cindy H. Piedmont,


PS: Did great on my husband's boat. He's sold too!

  Quick'n Brite

We have seen your ads on TV for a couple years - and all I could think was "Yeah, Yeah." Then our 13 year old dog became quite ill and was vomiting all over the carpets. I was having a rough time cleaning the carpets. I don't know how many bottles of cleaner I used, when my husband saw your ad again and said "Why don't you send for a kit? It can't hurt." So I did.

All I can say is, "I did you wrong!" This paste and liquid is MARVELOUS! It got all the dark spots out of the carpets, and I just used it to clean the wooden railings on the stairs (Amazing!). I am going to use it on many more spots and dirt marks in the house and I know I will be pleased.

Thank you for such a product. I hope you keep us on your mailing list, and if you need to use this letter or any portion of it - feel free to do so.

Yours truly,
Gloria N.
Parker, Colorado

I have never written a letter about a product I've used but this time I thought I should. I ordered your product from a commercial which is something I rarely do because I'm a single mother living on a very fixed income and can't afford extras and the products usually don't work anyway. However your product looked so great that I ordered it I am so glad that I did.

My mother has cancer and was having a family reunion at her house last weak. She had spots on her carpet that had been there for years and I scrubbed them with Quick'n Brite and they disappeared. It was so amazing - it looked like she had new carpet. I also sprayed it on her outdoor chairs and gutters which were basically green from being outside for so long. After leaving your product on for only a few minutes, I sprayed the chairs and gutters with a water hose and they looked brand new without even having to scrub. The only thing it hasn't worked on was a rust spot on the carpet, but your instructions had said that it wouldn't work on rust so that was OK.

My mom and I were so amazed and proud of your product that we were bragging about it at the reunion. We ended up demonstrating how well it worked and about 20 people asked for copies of my order form so they could get some. I may not ever be able to afford to buy any more Quick'n Brite but the container that I had was well worth the money and is truly an amazing product. Usually products you see on TV and at demonstrations never work when you get home, but Quick'n Brite was truly the exception to the rule and is a product I wholeheartedly endorse.

Thanks for a great product and have a great day!

Paula W.
Apex, North Carolina

  Attn: Customer Service

Believe me I'm not the kind of person who takes time out from a busy day to compliment a product, However, I simply had to drop everything and write a note of thanks.

You see, last Saturday I decided my garage looked terribly dusty and awful looking. I started early in the morning to dust off the walls and get rid of the cobwebs. Then I used a very generous amount of Clorox in soapy water and spent hours scrubbing the walls. I paid a terrible price on Sunday. I was literally sick all day with my sinuses giving me more trouble than usual. The swelling is still obvious around my eyes.

However, today I decided the fridge needed to be cleaned, both inside and out. I had purchased your product about two years ago and because I felt I simply couldn't endure another Clorox day, I used Quick'n Brite. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the finished job. I've never seen the fridge cleaner and the crud on the top came off without any effort at all. I thought to myself, this can't be that good, so I decided to go for the finger marks on the cabinet doors, they look fantastic. The knob panel on the stove I never could clean, I just got a scrub brush and within seconds it too was spotless.

I used this product when I first purchased it. I honestly don't know why I stopped using it, it was stored under my kitchen sink and today it seemed to say, "give me a break." Tomorrow, I plan to rid the house of all other cleaners.

Believe me. I shall recommend it to all my friends and on my next trip to Ireland I plan to take a couple of buckets for my sisters. I don't know how I'll manage to pack them, but I will.

Thanks for a great product and a happy customer.

Carmel M.
Raleigh, North Carolina
  To Whom It May Concern,

I watched your advertising program one night a week or so ago and I was impressed. So I called and ordered your product. Well, skeptic that I am, after I called and ordered it, I thought "boy, this is probably a waste of money again." So I figured you had the money back guarantee, so I was safe.

Yesterday my Quick'n Brite came in the mail. So I immediately had to put it to the test. I have a piece of carpet at the door, and it has a lot of grime, mud, etc. Very dirty. So I figured this to be the ultimate test. Well, it passed with flying colors.

But! Still skeptical (a little less than before) but not totally convinced. So I have a hood over my range. It is almond in color, that is, it was twelve years ago when we bought it. The top of the hood started to collect grease on it. Well, I would use a regular cleaner on it, but year by year the grease built up. I even used straight ammonia on it. The only thing that it did was make the paint bubble. The grease stayed.

Well, my husband and I decided to replace it "someday!" Now this thing is in really bad shape. So I decided, since we are going to replace it anyway, why not try Quick'n Brite on it. What have I got to lose?

Well, all I can say is "where were you and your product 12 years ago?"

I wish you could see what it has done for that hood. I was so "shocked." If I hadn't ruined it with the ammonia, I would not even think of replacing it. Now I know you are not surprised, but I sure was. I have left a section of it undone just so I can show my kids, in-laws and anyone else that comes over.

So I just had to write to you and say, "Thank You." And I hope you stay in business a long time. Which I'm sure you will because your product does just what you say it will, and more.

Now I can do my spring cleaning, and know it is going to be really clean this year.

A Very Satisfied Customer
Susan B.
Mona, Ohio
  I absolutely LOVE your product and have probably sold tons of it for you because I tell anyone who will listen how great it is. This product has been in my house for probably at least 20 years. Before my recent retirement from the District Attorney's Office, I kept a container of it in my desk drawer and everyone in the office knew that if they had a bad stain on their clothing to come to my office and get my Quick 'n Brite. There have been many times it saved clothing, furniture and even a beautiful quilt--- for me and my office friends.

Suretta B.
  Just wanted to let you know that Quick'n'brite is the best cleaner I have ever used.

I had a blouse that I wasn't able to wear for a few years because of the grease spots on the front. I used Quick 'n brite and it got every stain out. I had a friend at work (before I retired) that told me about some stains on his shirt that wouldn't come out and of course I brought some of my Quick 'n brite in for him to use. He said that I had saved him a lot on new shirts.

I have been using it for over 10 years and again let me tell you how pleased I am with it.

Thanks for sending me the e-mail so I could order some more.

Very satisfied customer.

Evelyn C.