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Every degree you raise your thermostat in the summer will reduce air conditioning bills by about 2 percent. Lowering the temperature by one degree in winter will save you 3 percent on heating bills. This can save you over $100 a year!

Commercial Uses

Quick 'n Brite is used extensively as an industrial and commercial cleaner. It is one of the strongest, safest, and most widely used cleaning products for American business today and is also a great way for companies to Go Green! The need to stock dozens of specialty cleaners is eliminated saving your company hundreds of dollars. Quick n Brite is safe to use around food and won't harm the environment, no matter how much is used. From children's hospitals and restaurant kitchens, to ship yards and manufacturing plants, Quick 'n Brite is the TRUE all-purpose cleaner. Make sure to ask us about private labeling!

For commercial pricing please call 800-223-9187 or email oedept@quicknbrite.com

Here is a list of just some of our commercial accounts: